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Charlie Mag born in 1992 in Barcelona (Spain), He starts his professional and artistic career by 2004 at the Teatro Llantiol of Barcelona for two consecutive seasons, expertly combining in his performances magic and dance.

In 2006 he was named Spain champion of Sports Dance by the FEBD. And in 2010, he is awarded European champion.


The acts he performs with doves and balls will make him known far beyond the borders of Spain. This discipline is indeed one of the most difficult in the world of magic. 


In 2011 in Blackpool, England, during the European Magic Championships organized by the International Federation of Magical Societies, Charlie was named European Champion by his peers in the manipulation category.


He presented his show at the World Magic Championships in 2012, which earned him, subsequently, to be invited all over the world and to participate in several television programs including « Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde » in France. It is also on French television, on Paris Première, that he is awarded a « Mandrake d’or ». 


Charlie is also the in-house magician for international brands like Armani and Louis Vuitton, and in 2017, he was hired by the production of «The illusionists 2.0 » from Cirque du Soleil, the biggest magic world tour of all time.


In 2020, Charlie becomes the main character of the production « The Magician ~ Le Show », a musical show bringing together 25 international artists on stage.

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New Act


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Charlie Mag Doves act - The Magician ~ Le Show



Charlie Mag - Masters of Magic


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